• Immunological and genetic studies of the onset and progression of periodontal diseases
  • Studies to develop examinations for periodontal disease activity and susceptibility using clinical specimens (gingival tissues, gingival crevicular fluid, blood)
  • Comprehensive research on regeneration and reconstruction of periodontal tissues (Growth factor, GTR, Bone graft, PRP, Enamel matrix protein)in clinical and laboratory study
  • Comprehensive research on implant, and laser in clinical and laboratory study
  • Studies of clinical association between periodontal disease and systemic disease and basic research on molecular mechanisms linking the diseases


Periodontal diseases (Periodontitis) are polymicrobial immune-inflammatory infectious diseases, which can lead to the destruction of periodontal ligaments and adjacent supportive alveolar bone. Our department provides an effective clinical management of periodontitis based on newly developed diagnostic procedures and novel treatment/regenerative strategies as below.
(1) Evaluation of susceptibility for periodontitis by genetic and epigenetic risk assessment
(2) Periodontal regenerative therapy using grafting materials and growth factors
(3) Multidisciplinary treatments including orthodontics, endodontics, prosthodontics, and oral surgery